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Just in time for Christmas, we at Comic Book Culture our proud to announce a new contest: Want to Become a 7″ Action Figure Statues for FREE?!  Click on the poster for details on how to enter or to learn about the statues and action figures themselves.  Contest closes November 15, 2014.

“It’s Me”™ Statues Contest




In this episode we explore the wide range of influences that fuel our Comic Book Culture. We sample the menu as experts and visionaries bring you right to the doorstep of some of the craziest comic book stores and board game hot spots around. We visit a local Magic The Gathering tournament and talk to a top-level judge about trading cards and the card playing community. Information, impact and imagination is in full motion as this roller coaster ride of a web show launches our web series, in style.

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Comic Book Culture is pleased to introduce Riken Productions (Ricardo Valverge), an exceptional graphic artist from the Portugal and YukiRichan, a sexy and beautiful Cosplayer from Russia.

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